Special Limited Time Revengeance Ultimate Edition Bundle!

Everybody, I need to interrupt my Ground Zeroes commentary to tell you about a special limited time offer for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance available now on PSN!

For only $74.99, you can buy your favorite Platinum Games action game starring Raiden, along with the following super rare and valuable things:

– VR Missions ($2.99 value)
– Jetstream Side Mission (free value)
– Blade Wolf Side Mission (free value)
– Cyborg Ninja Skin (previously pre-order only)
– MGS4 Raiden Skin ($1.99 value)
– Commando Armor Skin (previously pre-order only)
– White Armor Skin (previously pre-order only)
– Inferno Armor Skin (previously pre-order only)

Check out how amazingly cool these skins are in this exciting video:

This is an amazing value that you won’t want to miss!  The regular edition of MGR can be bought for $49.99, which means you’ll get this amazing $5 worth of extra content for only an additional $25!  The “Ultimate Edition” is for true fans who want to show how smart they really are!

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