4 REVIEWS: Gran Turismo 6 / Elite Beat Agents / Pokemon X / Cooking Mama

Gran Turismo 6, Pokemon X, Elite Beat Agents, Cooking Mama

Hello, I wanted to review these games but I have no time, so here goes!


GRAN TURISMO 6 REVIEW: Extremely pleasant, mature presentation, structure and pacing. Fascinating depth. Top-class menus. (+2.8)

POKEMON X REVIEW: Marvelous accomplishment. Huge, bright, friendly, mysterious, insane. Obsessive and compulsive, yet not disordered. (+3.4)

ELITE BEAT AGENTS REVIEW: Meaty challenge. Crazy difficulty curves. I cared more about the stories in this than 80% of games, though. (+1.5)

COOKING MAMA REVIEW: Very basic, but begins to evoke Ore-no Ryouri, and that is very special. Good heart. (+1.3)


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