Snake Soup celebrates 10 Years, gets new design!

Congratulations to The Snake Soup! Long-time affiliate and sometimes-collaborator Ravi Singh has kept his shitty old site in existence for a decade.  I’m just kidding about the shitty part, check out his articles.  They’re almost as good as mine.


In a post titled “Ten years of ‘Soup!” he explains the shiny new design, which looks very modern and slick.  The forums have been redone too, and presumably all this hard work was for something more than a quick hello.  We’ll see what becomes of it, but seems like he’ll be making tweets and posts every now and then.  Makes me feel a bit guilty for assuming he was just leaving it all for dead!

Feels good to have a real partner in the Metal Gear community.  His opinions and style of writing are a refreshing change from anywhere else, and we need him to keep going, even if its just an occasional hobby.

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