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There is so much good news nowadays, I don’t know where to start…

So, let’s start with the press… is being shut down by IGN

In an awkward farewell article, editor-in-chief Jeremy Parish does his editorial best to blame everybody and nobody for his website’s failure, while neglecting to mention the part about being nothing more than another pathetic parasite enjoying the videogame journalism bubble of the past decade in which completely untalented nobodies sit around playing games and high-fiving each other for money and attention.

…when the market turns down, as it has consistently ever since that foolish boast about it being a recession-proof industry, the belts tighten and the lion’s share of attention goes to the first child.

Sure, why not.  Let’s pretend there’s a magical “malaise” across the industry that’s nobody’s fault whatsoever and turn a blind eye to the enthusiasm surrounding mobile games, indie games, crowd funding, streaming commentators, YouTube reviewers, and all things non-institutionalized.  Nope, just blame that darned recession!  I mean, after all, it’s affecting the whole industry!  (Don’t look at Valve, don’t look at Valve, don’t look at Valve…)


EA’s John Riccitiello quits as CEO

There’s nothing funnier than watching a CEO fall on the sword because they’ve run out of face-saving bullshit to tell shareholders.  I hope the next guy is even more incompetent and evil.  I don’t care if he’s the Devil himself, honestly.  We don’t need EA’s games or services, so let them become as corrupt as they want.  They are expendable.  Gamers would benefit from their death.  I say let the greedy giants fight each other to the deaths, waving billions of dollars around in an attempt to hype up shit nobody wants, while independent developers fill the void and keep their ear to the ground.


Richard Garriott pwns the industry’s lazy designers

Have you noticed nobody says “pwn” anymore?  Well, this story is about a week old and it’s about the creator of Ultima, so maybe it’s appropriate.  Anyway, I adore Richard Garriott and his Ultima series, and I loved his comments on the laziness in game design.  For years I’ve felt like if there’s one message I could give to the game industry, it would be this one.  Where are all the good game designers?  Who are these nobodies in charge of games?  I mean, seriously, why in the hell was a talentless imbecile like Jay Wilson leading development of fucking Diablo III?  Somebody is smoking crack.

I’d also like to point out that due to this epidemic of terrible game designers, bullshit like marketing and DRM are being used to push awful products that have no soul and generic subtitles like Ascension, Revolution, Revelation, Absolution, and Judgment.  It’s like there’s nobody behind the wheel.


Lab Zero’s campaign approaches $700k, all shall be unlocked

Did somebody say “malaise” and “recession”?  With 19 hours left on the clock, Lab Zero’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is sitting pretty at $690,000, so a huge congratulations to them!  This talented group of artists and creators have managed to rally enough money to fund the following:

  • Three new characters, each with full story modes
  • Five new background stages
  • Seven alternate voice packs
  • Hundreds of CD soundtracks
  • Hundreds of art books, sketches, and posters
  • And more…

Not only that, but they’ve promised to port the game over to Linux as well!  This means you’ll be able to play online with your friends over Steam, all without touching a Windows operating system.  Yessssssss.  More of this, please!


Square Enix CEO resigning due to mentally insane fiscal projections

Another CEO bites the dust, but this time it seems to come with a complete company overhaul.  Square Enix shifted its projections from huge profits to huge losses and promised to change its irresponsible ways, more or less.  Tomb Raider, Hitman, and Sleeping Dogs failed to meet expectations in North America, and the new Final Fantasy MMO was in “development gridlock”, which doesn’t sound cheap.



All-in-all, good news!  I can only hope that more CEOs resign, more shitty publications get shut down, and more awesome indie games find success!

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