Kojima promotes Revengeance with overblown rhetoric

Kojima TwitterKojima and his almost-translator have taken to Twitter to give us a four paragraph promotional outline of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, which comes out two weeks from now.  To me it comes off as little more than typical Japanese marketing spin: unnecessary philosophical rhetoric and stretching the truth until you can pretend your product is somehow totally unique.

In the tweets he compliments Platinum Games for delivering such a good product on schedule, and claims that shooting games haven’t evolved in 30 years while using a sword is revolutionary.  According to Kojima, “lot’s [sic] of games with jumping, running, kicking, crunching [?], punching, and shooting” have been created, but “game with hiding did not come out easily”, which is why “game with free slashing wasn’t even exist.  This is invention.”  Yeah… right.  Anyway, he then slips into Metal Gear metaphor mode, saying that while his “sons” with his “genes” (ie. the Kojima Productions team) failed to deliver the game, the non-blood-related Platinum Games were able to inherit his “memes” and accomplish the goal.

For those who don’t know the significance of this whole MEME/GENE obsession, check out the Kojima VS MGS4 article and the MGS4: Sold Out series I did years ago.

Below is a compilation of the full twitlonger posts in chronological order.

About 2 yrs ago, our “free slash” game development enfaced stifling. Being not able to give up, I asked Platinum Games for their dev support. It was almost gambling for them but they took our request. And they kept both schedule and quality and brought about brand new fantastic game. Nothing can make me happier.

Video game was born about 30 yrs from now. That was the shooting game to press the button to eliminate enemies who are coming to you front. The basic action hasn’t change since while it evolved into FPS, physics inclusion, or Open World. But RISING is not shooting game but slashing anywhere freely.

In long time history of action video game, lot’s of games with jumping, running, kicking, crunching, punching, and shooting were born. But game with hiding did not come out easily. And as such, game with free slashing wasn’t even exist. This is invention.

After studying physics of “free slashing” in Koji Pro, it was easily implemented in our lab. However my sons with my gene (GENE) in my team could not bring about unprecedented game with the use of such mechanism while not blood related Platinum Games inherited my MEME and accomplished successfully.

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