Path of Exile gets new website, plus PVP arenas!

Path of Exile has just deployed a new look for their website (which is a great improvement) and a new major patch, which finally adds the much-anticipated Player Versus Player arenas!

The renovation removes the misleading, inexplicable artwork of two warriors with flames and sparks instead of flesh, and focuses more on delivering news and information.  Player information and character portrait are now elegantly displayed at the top of the screen, which feels very natural.

As for PVP, I’m much too scared to try it myself, but I’m excited on behalf of all those old-school killers out there who have been itching to unleash their carefully customized characters.  I expect to see a nicely balanced meta-game evolve over time.

If you haven’t seen anything from the game, you might be interested in the “Build of the Week” videos that Chris Wilson (the game’s lead designer) has been putting up for a few months.  Or if you’re interested in a new interview with him, go here.

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