Download Path of Exile and get ready for the Public Weekend

I want you to stress Path of Exile‘s servers this weekend.  According to their big shiny countdown clock, it starts in 1 Day, 12 Hours, and 16 Minutes, so you should hurry up and download the client now.

The reason I’m saying this, just so you know, is because I believe Path of Exile is everything that a game today should be.  Grinding Gear Games are slowly becoming my heroes, and I believe they deserve more praise than Notch and Mojang.  They are steadily updating with loads of meaningful content, polishing every rough spot thoughtfully, and — most importantly — refusing to indulge the bad habits of stupid people.  The sheer genius of the game’s economy proves this fact, and so does the recent addition of the end-game concept of randomly dropped, upgradable “maps”.

The game will be free when it’s finally released, but I suggest you give them money by purchasing a Support Pack, which will give you some nice bonuses such as the game’s soundtrack, an in-game Kiwi pet, and a bunch more stuff.

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