Partnership with RedCode Interactive

RedCode Interative is a small European team who’ve managed to crack the Metal Gear series wide open and dig up fascinating bugs, exploits, and features, much like the old “Game Genie” we all remember.  Want to play Metal Gear Solid looking like Meryl instead of Snake?  They can do that, among many other things.  Check out what they’re up to:

You may have noticed that I very rarely discuss the actual gameplay of the series, or focus on projects being worked on by the community.  That’s not because I think it’s boring.  I love to see the clever tricks and devoted work of the community, and I respect the dedication they have.  RedCode Interactive reached out to me for a partnership, and after seeing their work I agreed that it deserved more attention.  In our own ways, we both enjoy deconstructing the games we love!

So, check out their website, maybe download the special save files (for use with the Action Replay Max memory card thing) and start playing those old games in a whole new way.

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