Help me finish this drawing

You may not know that on top of being a professional-grade writer, I’m also a prize-winning artist.  (Yoji Shinkawa himself picked my drawing to win a prize in the official Kojima Productions fan art contest, and it was discussed on the KojiPro podcast.  Not bragging or anything!)  I made a bunch of sketchy/strange comics about Metal Gear (which you can browse here) and I’ve been getting better at it since then.  The latest stuff is here.

Well I’ve started drawing a new piece, and I’m giving YOU the chance to suggest how I finish it:

Pretty cool right?

I wouldn’t call it a contest (because all of my contests end with embarrassing lack of entries) but if you’re some kind of art-liking individual who has a sense of humor or has always wanted to see Old Snake… doing something… then, here’s your chance to shout ridiculous ideas at me.

Tweet at me, dogs.

I also highly recommend following me on Twitter because I’m one of those good Twitter users who never talks about what kind of food I’m eating.  Screw those people, man.

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