Part II (MGS2: A Complete Breakdown)

The Story From Hell


Plot hole #4: Fortune

Next on the docket is Fortune, a blonde-haired black woman with the inexplicable ability to never be hurt by anything, for no reason at all.  Bullets zip past her, grenades become duds at her feet, bugs move out of her way, and birds drop dead from just hanging around her.  She’s called “fortune” because she’s just really, really lucky.  Yep!  That explains that.

Actually she’s not lucky when it comes to other things.  You see, her dad was killed during the Tanker incident, her mom committed suicide, and her husband, who was the former leader of Dead Cell, was thrown in jail and disgraced.  Pretty unlucky, right?

Is it a plot hole for a character to be lucky to the point of being pure magic?  Not necessarily.  It’s just really stupid and implausible.  What makes it a plot hole is that Revolver Ocelot debunks the idea of supernatural luck, proves it by shooting her in the chest, and then Fortune proceeds to trump all logic and science by still deflecting all the missiles that Ocelot fires at them.  Holding her hands out like some kind of anime character, she just magically saves everybody without the slightest bit of explanation.

Another question is why she was always wearing that “gizmo”.  What does she think it does?  She must have been in dozens of fights, and always worn that device, but didn’t anybody explain why she had to wear it?  Apparently nobody else was wearing one, so it seems strange.  Ah well, it turns out she didn’t need it after all because she really is lady luck!  Actually on second thought, this really is a plot hole.

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