Part II (MGS2: A Complete Breakdown)

The Story From Hell


Plot hole #3: Vamp

One of the biggest “mysteries” of Metal Gear Solid 2 is a character known as Vamp.  He’s part of Dead Cell, the top-secret government unit who broke off to join Solidus’ revolution.  In the game we clearly see him do the following things:

  • Fly around
  • Dodge bullets
  • Get shot in between the eyes and then come back to life
  • Run on water
  • Run a hundred feet straight up a wall
  • Stand still on zero-buoyancy water
  • Swim through the same zero-buoyancy water like a fish
  • Get killed again, drown, and then come back to life again
  • Get shot in the head again, and then make a surprise appearance at the end of the game

Metal Gear has always featured powerful enemies and boss characters, but being superhumanly strong and fast without any sort of explanation is bizarre.

Vamp was a normal kid who almost got killed from a church explosion, but drank the blood of his family to survive.  From there he learned to dance and throw knives, joined Dead Cell, and is now an immortal godlike being who defies physics without any explanation whatsoever.  Worst of all, nobody seems to seriously question the fact that he does all of these things!  People are only a little puzzled when they see him revive from the dead (apparently Fortune never knew he had this power before) and minimal comment is made by others.  If they were shocked, confused and dumbfounded I would just call it a loose end that needed explaining, but the fact that we’re supposed to accept it at face value makes it a plot hole if ever there was one.

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