Part II (MGS2: A Complete Breakdown)

The Story From Hell


Twist #3: Solid Snake Simulation

You see, it turns out that the VR training that Raiden experienced, combined with the Big Shell incident itself, were designed to provide a method by which the Patriots could turn inexperienced rookies into super-soldiers on par with Solid Snake!  The sinking of the tanker, the construction of the Big Shell, the whole terrorist takeover–including the murder of the President–was all organized to allow Raiden to mimic Snake’s experiences.  How’s that for a twist?

All of the strange parallels between Raiden’s mission and the Shadow Moses incident were no accident after all!  They were put in place to perfect the “S3 Plan”: the Solid Snake Simulation.

Although Solidus knew about the Solid Snake Simulation, he didn’t realize that his own takeover was the centerpiece of it.  In fact, he intended to string Raiden along as bait in order to lure out the Patriot’s double-agents among his ranks, but, thanks to Revolver Ocelot, he doesn’t get the chance to fulfill his dream of liberation.

In the end, Raiden and Solidus play out their predestined “roles” by having a sword fight on top of Federal Hall, in which Raiden severs Solidus’ spine.  Raiden has completed the S3 Plan by heroically following in the shadow of Solid Snake and stopping the incident.

Sound crazy enough?  Well maybe it is, but it’s not quite crazy enough to earn Metal Gear Solid 2 the resentment of hundreds of thousands of fans.

See, there’s another big revelation I forgot to mention: after Ocelot is done bragging about the “Solid Snake Simulation” in front of everyone, blowing our minds with the unbelievable scope of the conspiracy, we learn that there’s still one more layer to the whole drama. It turns out that Revolver Ocelot was deceived by the Patriots too!  The “S3 Plan” does not stand for “Solid Snake Simulation”!  That was yet another cover story.  The real, real reason for the incident was to test their ability to mind-control individuals using Arsenal Gear’s data-management system!

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