Rising: full crappy teaser shown, website up

You can go here to see the full Metal Gear Rising live-action teaser, along with the new site.  Seems pretty obvious: this is a distant memory of Solidus and Raiden back in the Liberian civil war, when Jack was first getting his memory screwed with.  Jack’s arms are thin and boyish, and the voice is obviously not raspy and death-like either, as it would be after MGS4.  The appearance of Solidus means it’s not between MGS2 and 4, either.  The African man and shabby tent setup also suggest it’s his child soldier memories.

Did I mention that it’s crappy?  The actors, direction, digital effects — everything looks sub-par.  Not surprising though, considering that Revengeance is a failed project being raced through production.

As for the official site, looks like you can enter commands in the bottom area to unlock easter eggs.  I wonder how long it will take to find the hidden stuff.

Go ahead and search for hints if you care

Looks like my speculation was misjudged.

Finally, I probably shouldn’t show you these pictures because they were tucked away on the site.  The fact that they’re hidden makes them feel less stupid and boring!

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