Why must the Skullgirls store be for U.S. only?

Damn you, internet!  When will you ever recognize Canada as being close enough to America to be able to ship your shit to us as equals!  All you have to do is literally drive across an imaginary line.

Skullgirls official store has opened, so within 10 minutes I had my cart full of $80 worth of awesome merchandise — including a Peacock aluminum water bottle, a gray Skullgirls hoodie, and a Ms. Fortune t-shirt — eager to throw my money at Alex Ahad and Reverge Labs, when I discovered that they only shipped to the United States.  I was crestfallen.  The store is amazing: you can create your own custom gear, with layers and everything.  I almost slammed my face into the keyboard, but then I saw that the distributor “Mashon” is partnered with “Borderlinx”, who specializes in expanding the reach of online stores to international customers!  Excellent, I thought!

Except this…

They told me to pay twenty-seven dollars just for registration on their obscure asses.  I understand skimming a little off the top for yourself, but how about you die, Borderlinx?  I already made a stupid account on your site, and then you got way too greedy.  I don’t often nerd rage, but right now I feel like smashing you with all the fury Cerebella’s hat can muster!  Even that extremely forced reference I just made is pissing me off.

The problem is, I really want that merchandise.  So please, Skullgirls folks, let me dump my cash into your hands without having to sacrifice my firstborn son to some intermediary scam company first.


Well, at least this takes the edge off a bit…  (Explicit language warning):

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