Stop Online Piracy Act

So today’s the big internet protest day.  You probably notice a bunch of places shutting down out of protest, kind of like, “Hey, imagine what the internet would be like if we had this shitty legislation.”  It would suck, no doubt about it.

Personally I don’t think my voice really counts.  I’m Canadian, and that’s U.S. legislation.  And whether these particular bills pass or not, I don’t think this fight is ever going to be won.  I’m a defeatist like that.

There was a time, maybe 30 to 40 years ago, when activism was scary and powerful and it meant something, but we live in a postmodern age of politics where the public is the enemy of the State and corporations have us by the balls.  We’re all terrorists and pirates to them. Like a hydra, if we cut off one of their heads, they’ll just grow two more in its place.  They might exploit our anger for votes and lobbying money now and then, but we won’t win.  Just look at the “Occupy” movement.  It’s a big joke.  30 years ago that would have been a generation-defining act of defiance, but post-9/11 it’s just more hubris.

I didn’t watch the last part of that video, but first half gets the point across. People should have been much more concerned about the National Defense Authorization Act than they are about SOPA, but it’s already been passed, so there’s not much point now.  To protect ourselves from corruption we need a vigilant, educated and angry population who is willing to challenge powers and take up arms if necessary, but that’s impossible now.  All we can do is “occupy”, which they can then “ignore”.  Times have changed.  Don’t get your hopes up.  What if they censor the internet?  What are you going to do about it?  Pick up a gun and march to the White House?  Of course not.  Maybe you’ll send an e-mail?

And even if I did believe victory was possible, it’s like pollution: one person really doesn’t make a difference.  Hell, a thousand average people don’t make a difference.  Massive overseas conglomerates are the ones who make all the difference, and they don’t give a shit.  Stop burdening yourself with the righteous cause, because you’re a drop in the bucket.  Lobbyists, corporations, and secretive globalist leaders are the ones who shape the future, not you.  If anything, your effort to keep the internet free and use it as a tool for political change will only serve to make the internet a bigger target to those who don’t like your political change.  That’s what censorship is all about.

I’m… not really one for activism.  I’ll enjoy my freedoms while I can, and for what it’s worth, you Net Warriors have my full moral support.

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