X-Com influenced Notch project & Skullgirls update

In other news, Notch has begun working on an X-Com influenced project that sets Santa Clause against Cthulu in a battle for world supremacy.

You can read about that here.

Also, it’s been a while since I talked about the upcoming fighting game Skullgirls!


This game keeps getting more and more interesting.  They say they’re going to have the most user-friendly, helpful tutorial system in fighting game history (which is good!) and a bunch of other goodies.  Personally I’m in love with the designs most of all, but everything about it is impressive to me.  The sheer quality of work makes you wonder why games like King of Fighters are so incredibly lazy in their animation process.

Also, the last time I mentioned Skullgirls I accidentally made it sound like a PS Store exclusive!  Whoops.  It’s going to be on the Xbox market too, so make sure you buy it.

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