MGS2 Review Teaser

Yes!  The new idea I hinted at before was an EPIC FULL VIDEO REVIEW of the HD Collection (or at least MGS2 & 3) written and narrated by YOURS TRULY.  Let the above teaser video whet your appetite for the yet-to-actually-begin-production masterpiece that I will unleash!  Now, for some answers to your possible questions:

Q.  Why do this?
A.  Because the sad fact is that people don’t like to read much, and even when they do, they still like to watch a video more!

Q.  Is this real?
A.  A dozen things could halt this from ever really getting finished, but yes it is real.

Q.  Will this mean even fewer big updates?
A.  I’ll still throw my opinions out there when I see some news, write a little analysis here and there, but I wasn’t going to update with big articles soon anyway — too many awesome games coming out to distract me, and a declining interest in long articles.

Q.  Will you be treading over things you’ve already written about?
A.  Oh my yes!  The point of the videos are to share all of my views about the games for people who’ve never seen my site before, or who want to hear it in a new and superior format.  Now I’ll actually be able to record specific parts of the games that demonstrate what I’m talking about, instead of hunting for little screenshots and making captions.

Q.  Is this inspired by the MGS4 video review, or perhaps “The Reality of MGS2”?
A.  Yes and no.  For years I’ve wanted to capture video of certain game scenes in order to give my articles some more potency, but I didn’t have the technology.  Combine that with the release of the HD Collection and the effectiveness of that MGS4 review, and I decided to jump on board the video wagon.

Q.  Will you release the videos in segments, or as a whole?
A.  As a whole.  The release date reflects that.

Oh and one last tidbit before I “submerge” with this project…

I made a game about memes before memes sold out

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