Metal Gear supposed to have been a squad game

The more I hear Kojima talk about his original ideas for Metal Gear games, the more glad I am he didn’t get his way.  According to his Twitter, the game was originally supposed to have been a team infiltration game, as in the old movie “Wild Geese” — which, like me, you’ve never heard of before.  The quote:

While I was working on “METAL GEAR”, I wanted to achieve an infiltration as a team like “Wild Geese” when the point of view was changed from “a game to escape” to “a special-force game to infiltrate.”  It is because there is no way to infiltrate alone.  However, at that time, one-man infiltration was the only option because of the game character and the restriction on the hardware.

Thank God for hardware restrictions, am I right?  It’s things like this that really make me question whether Kojima really should be allowed to do what he wants with game design!  Maybe being stuck working on a series he doesn’t like for 10 years was a good thing after all!

For what it’s worth, the plot of Wild Geese bears some similarity to the original game:

A British multinational seeks to overthrow a vicious dictator in central Africa. It hires a band of (largely aged) mercenaries in London and sends them in to save the virtuous but imprisoned opposition leader who is also critically ill and due for execution. Just when the team has performed a perfect rescue, the multinational does a deal with the vicious dictator leaving the mercenary band to escape under their own steam and exact revenge. [via IMDB]

A multinational mercenary special-forces leader who sends his men to rescue somebody and overthrow a military leader, only to betray and abandon them after their mission was carried out successfully?  Where have I heard that before?

Looking at the movie poster, I can’t help noticing a slight resemblance to the artwork for the MSX portraits as well…

Kojima, you only stole from the best.

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