Kojima’s Three Stages of Twitter Response

Kojima TwitterI’ve always been fascinated by the way Hideo Kojima responds to his critics.  Unlike Western artists, he openly cares what people think about him, and even allows it to dictate what he does.  Having used Twitter to voice his random thoughts for a year or two, it’s interesting to see his reflection on what he calls “a pattern of twitter”:

A pattern of twitter. I tweet a certain announcement. First, I get warm applauses and feedbacks from my followers. [1] After the heroic stage, the feedbacks become questions and opinions. Once they are almost done, demands pour in this time. [2] After the “spreading” of these tweets, there are upcoming libelous waves from non-followers. [3]

I’d say he’s right.  Announcements are exciting, so it’s natural for “followers” to applaud it immediately, but soon enough people want to know more, and question things being said; and as people assume more and more, they eventually become convinced of a problem and make demands.  And certainly, once the word spreads to other sites and blogs, the “non-followers” are going to criticize it without restraint.

I thought this was news-worthy, if for no other reason than to reinforce what I’ve said for a long time about Kojima’s sensitivity.

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