The Fan Fiction Contest starts now!

In order to celebrate the unveiling of our new website we’re running our very own Metal Gear Fan Fiction contest!

The rules are simple! The prize is hilarious! The contest starts NOW!

The Rules:

  • Must be submitted before May 1st, 2011
  • Must have less than 15,000 written characters (approx.)
  • Must have at least two characters from the Metal Gear series
  • Must have dialogue
  • No explicit language or sexual imagery
  • The funnest story to read/record will win!

Now I’m trusting that you people have some silly stories up your sleeves, and trust me when I say that awful stories have a good chance to win! You don’t need to know a bunch of big words or story techniques, or even the storyline of the Metal Gear series. Just involve Metal Gear characters and pump out a riveting little tale with them! Read on to find out the prize!

The Prize:

First Place: Your story will be dramatically read and recorded (like a podcast!) by yours truly, and feature accompanying custom artwork! This is your chance to make me talk in silly voices for a few minutes!

Second Place: Your story will be published along with accompanying custom artwork! I will hand-draw and color a scene or moment from your story!

Everyone Else: Your story will be published on the blog for the world to see! If it doesn’t break the rules too much, that is!


Once the May 1st deadline is up, I will review the submissions, choose the winners, and get working on that recording and artwork!


Get writing all of you, this is our first contest, so I’m hoping you spread the word and get involved!

If you have questions, leave a comment below!

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