Knee and back pain simulator in the works for KojiPro?

According to recent tweets it seems Kojima Productions may be developing some kind of new, next-gen pain simulator.

Although we cannot confirm that it will be a pain simulator at this point, there are plenty of juicy details to feed your active imaginations. Kojima has revealed some following tidbits:

  • Realistic thigh pain from stair climbing
  • Inability to walk properly after climbing stairs
  • Cutting-edge bug bite simulation
  • Overnight exposure to cold resulting in lifelike sore throat

On top of this, a few other pieces of information have been revealed:

I have muscle ache in my legs and back as I expected. This pain is different from what I have during the workout at a gym. Muscle I barely use normally. I have to tone them up.

It’s just speculation, but I’m guessing we can expect some kind of advanced muscle-building/training regimen game. This will send a positive message to young people and old alike, and sounds like the kind of wholesome new direction Kojima has been interested in for a long time! I can’t wait to find out more, possibly at E3!

Also, I just want to state for the record that there’s no reason to suspect this is Metal Gear related, unless maybe it’s a Peace Walker sequel for Sony’s upcoming “NGP” where Big Boss does pushups on the beach with Kaz and then they shower together afterwards and complain about bug bites and sore throats.

Source / Source and other Kojima tweets, you know

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